A daily cruise from Mykonos to Tinos- Rhenia is a trip to no any other place, but to some of the best getaways.

Saltyboattrips organizes daily cruises from Mykonos to Tinos- the third largest cycladic island-and introduces you to the uninhabited island of Rhenia.

Our skilled team makes the Mykonos boat trips memorable and worth reliving as you’re taken to places you haven’t set foot on before. One would say that is impossible to explore the whole of Tinos’s hidden gems, but by trusting our company you can make it.

We know every nook and cranny in these places so we can show you the maximum of Cyclades authenticity.

Day cruise to Tinos from Mykonos

Fast and responsibly we transfer you to some highlights of unforgettable spots like the wild Caves of Tinos (only accessible from the sea).

But what would be a trip from Mykonos to an island like Tinos without several stops for swimming?
Our professional team makes a Mykonos boat trip memorable by driving you to the most beautiful and famous beaches: The clear blue waters of Kolympithra beach in the north part of Tinos and Pachia Ammos are just among the options.

The cruisers are specifically built for a great and comfortable passenger experience and go beyond Tinos to further areas of Rhenia’s coastline.

There are many natural treasures to discover at the beautiful and quiet Rhenia which is a popular destination for Mykonos residents.

Separated from Delos island by a small channel, that island with its turquoise waters and exotic beauty can make you feel like guest in Paradise.

If you are interested in private cruise from Mykonos to Tinos- Rhenia and back, the Saltyboattrips is the most reliable choice.

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